Burnetts Manufacturing Limited is a technical rubber moulding specialist. With our plastic and rubber expertise we can provide the complete solution for rubber, thermoplastic and silicone component requirements.

A lot of exciting things happen in our Northampton based factory and our team at Burnetts use a variety of tools and methods in the work that they carry out.

It can give you a great sense of achievement being able to use the essential tools you learn from your school days such as Maths, English and Science and practice them in the workplace.

A Special Visit

The Burnetts Manufacturing team were fortunate enough to have a visit from five young children from Whitehouse Primary School. These five students were picked from the Maths Gifted and Talented Group who were visiting Burnetts to gain an understanding of how Maths in used in the workplace. This was to give them an insight for how Maths can be used in a number of different areas.

The Burnetts Factory Tour

The children were taken on a tour of the Burnetts Manufacturing Factory by Declan, Mike, Terry and Stuart. The children were given the opportunity to assemble components, test parts against specifications and learn about tooling. An exciting day for both us and the children.

“This Was The Best Day Of My Life”

It was an honour to receive “this was the best day of my life” by one of the children. Their smiling faces and excitement was truly humbling and we can’t wait to continue working with the school, on shaping the future generation!

Photos From The Factory Tour