New Technology Helps Growth

At Burnetts Manufacturing we believe that it is important to invest in any future technology that will help push for further excellence as a company and help us grow.

MEWO Cryogenic Deflashing Machine

Burnetts have recently invested in a new MEWO Cryogenic deflashing machine. MEWO is a renowned manufacturer of cryogenic deburring and deflashing machines which have catered for the rubber and plastic industry for over 70 years. MEWO systems have been successfully developed as a solution for deburring components specifically for the injection moulding and NF-metal industry.

Rubber Manufacturing

Cryogenic deflashing is a key part of rubber manufacturing. It allows for the removal of excess material leaving us with a high quality finished product.

With a combination of liquid nitrogen and plastic granulate the cryogenic deburring/deflashing process removes burrs from moulded components. The finished result means that the machine will guarantee a precise, clean and even finish every time. The process does not have any impact on the colouring, shape or the material characteristics of the moulded components that are being treated.

As a company, we continue to invest in future technology in the push for further excellence.

With John and the team working closely with us, there is no doubt that this machine will be a success and a very welcomed addition by the team at Burnetts Manufacturing.


Alan Murphy, our Managing Director and John Gray at our new Mewo Cryogenic de flashing machine.