Tool Design

You can expect every aspect of our moulding design and production to be faultless, and tooling is the foundation of that process.

Tooling will have an impact on an entire project, from production efficiency to product quality, which is why we are committed to designing and building the most advanced in the industry.

We specialise in rapid prototyping and work with respected British and European toolmakers to provide the most efficient solution to your needs.

Above all, we believe that your reputation is our reputation which is why we continually strive for zero ppm rates across the hundreds of millions of components we mould each year.

Tooling for rubber

Our compression and transfer moulding capabilities allow us to produce short run prototypes.

Low cost tooling and quick turnaround times give you the flexibility to test out new product ideas. We can also use bolster sets with interchangeable cavity inserts to keep costs down.

Our rubber tooling is designed to complement our vertical and horizontal moulding machines using multi-cavity cold runner technology, automatic demoulding and fully automated flash removal to reduce part costs.

Tooling for liquid silicone

The moulding of liquid silicone requires specialist equipment and know how as the process is completely unforgiving. Liquid silicone tools are therefore made from high quality steels and with exceedingly high accuracy and we work with a number of European partners who only specialise in liquid silicone tooling.

We design tooling with individually insulated injection nozzles and complex cold runner systems to minimise material waste and maximise productivity with fast cycle times and automoted demoulding.

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Tooling for thermoplastic

These high precision, multi-cavity tools are designed to deliver a capable and efficient moulding process that produces perfect parts.

Where required tooling is designed around an automoted process so that robotics can be used for loading inserts, sprue cutting, trimming, and automated demoulding.

Careful consideration is given to steel selection to ensure material wear characteristics are accomodated and when required specialist surface treatment is utilised to ensure durability.

We also incorporate camera inspection technology to specific processes to ensure zero defects.

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